How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodel?

Giving your bathtub a facelift is often neglected because it can be a daunting task for some, but when a bathtub is refinished, it has a lot of benefits that can add value to your home. Who would have thought that a simple bathroom fixture can make a significant difference in improving the overall condition of your bathroom?

When you do bathtub remodeling, it doesn’t only cover the tub’s physical aspects, but it also aims to improve its surrounding fixtures such as the tiles, showers, and sink. Bathtub remodeling can be complicated and expensive, depending on the kind of refinishing that you’ll perform. Before doing the actual remodeling, here are some of the ways on how you do it.

 How Far Do You Want to Go?

Bathroom remodeling can be categorized into three levels—surface alterations, gut and replace, or change the entire layout. When you decide on the kind of remodeling to achieve, that’s when you can decide on other factors such as when you’ll start doing it, how much the budget you have for it, and if it can be done by yourself or you need to hire a professional.

  • Surface Alterations

As time goes by, it can’t be avoided that your bathtub surface will discolor affecting its physical condition. If it still works well and if you’re on a budget. Surface alterations are the best thing to do.  The most common surface alteration is to repaint it.

  • Gut and Replace

In this kind of remodeling, the location, layout, fixture, and color of the tub stay the same, but you’ll have to update the plumbing fixtures, flooring, lighting, vanity, etc. This type of remodeling is suitable if your bathtub still looks good, but the areas around it already need refinishing.

  • Change the Layout

When you change the bathroom layout, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change the fixtures, wall, lighting, toilet, tub, or shower. You may need to consider full fixture replacement or wiring alterations. If you want to have a refreshing bathroom looks, but you don’t have enough budget to replace some fixtures, changing the layout by moving some of the things make a big difference.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Before you start ripping out your bathtub fixtures, it’s important to have an overview of how you’ll carry out your bathroom remodeling plan. If you have a plan, it’s easier for you to determine what needs to be done urgently. Here are the plans that you’ll have to take before proceeding with the bathtub remodeling:

1.    Find Your Purpose

Are you going to do a complete makeover, or you’ll just do minor finishes? There are different signs that would determine whether you need a tub replacement or refinishing. If your bathtub is chipping, has discolorations, it’s dull looking, or you don’t want its looks or color, these would be your basis on far you can go.

2.    Outline Exactly How You Plan to Remodel It

You have the choice to just refinish your bathtub or completely change it. For those who have small bathroom space, a plain bathtub area can turn into a bathtub walk-in shower. In your outline, you need to indicate what needs to be done. This is applicable for those who are on a budget because your outline would serve as a guide that you only have to stay on your budget depending on what needs to be done.

3.    Establish Your Bathroom Makeover Design

You must determine whether you need to totally replace it or to just repaint your tub. If you are to replace your tub, you must think of the color, size, type, and design that would fit the interiors of your bathroom. If you opt for repainting, you must decide the color that you would use. Aside from repainting it, you may also change its fixtures, such as its faucet, rim, drain, shutoff valves, etc.

If you just want to have a fresh look at your bathroom, but you don’t have an idea on how to do it, you can get a lot of bathtub or bathroom inspiration on the internet. You may also visit bathroom showrooms, so you personally choose which one best suits your bathroom.

4.    Establish a Timeline

Whether you would hire someone who would do the job or you decide to do it yourself, it’s important to establish a timeline to ensure that it’ll be accomplished. A timeline helps you prioritize what’s really important and assist you in determining which part of the task needs professional assistance.

5.    Know Your Budget

Your budget will determine the kind of refinishing that you can do with your bathtub. It’s still important to find ways on how to change the outlook of your bathtub in the most reasonable and affordable way possible.

6.    Know When To Hire a Professional

If you don’t have time, you can always hire a professional to do the work for you. However, it’s still important to always be practical. If you only need t do some simple touches, it’s ideal to just do it yourself. There are some instances wherein the help of a professional is needed, like replacing or maintaining the plumbing fixture, doing some electrical wirings for the water heater, etc. Allowing professionals to take care of complicated aspects of your bathtub helps you save time and money, and it ensures that your tub will be taken care of properly.

Downsides of Bathroom Remodeling

When you do a bathtub remodeling, it may require you to make use of harmful chemicals. Just like other cleaning chemicals, it can be dangerous to one’s health when overly exposed. If you are to do a DIY remodeling and you are prone to respiratory illnesses or skin conditions, it’s important to take caution when handling it. It’s ideal to wear protective gears upon application of any chemicals to your bathtub.

Final Thoughts

Bathtub remodeling is a way to change the outlook of your whole bathroom significantly. When you did it successfully, you can be sure that it’ll be worth your time, money, and effort. Before proceeding with the bathtub refinishing, there are ways by which you can plan the remodeling in an efficient way, like knowing your purpose, knowing how to remodel it exactly, establishing your makeover design, setting a timeline, and knowing your budget.