8 Different Types of Handyman Services You Need to Know

There are a lot of different types of handyman services available, and other handymen specialize in different things. Not all handyman professionals will offer the same services even if they advertise “general handyman services” or something like that. With this in mind, here is a list of handyman services that covers some of the common tasks these professionals could perform.

Types of Handyman Services

1 Drywall Installation

One of the most common tasks that professional handyman services can specialize in is installing new drywall during a home renovation or after a water damage remediation job. General handyman services often have the necessary equipment to cut, measure, and install drywall boards in homes with skill and precision.

2 Fixture Replacement

Over time, house fixtures, such as kitchen units that are sealed in the kitchen suite, built-in wardrobes or cardboard units, light fittings, etc., can break or wear out from daily use. While an amateur DIYer can easily replace many house fixtures, some homeowners are too busy to handle the task alone or simply prefer to let a professional do the job to ensure that it is done right.

Since many fixture replacement jobs do not require a license, they can mostly be done by most general handyman service professionals. However, situations in which the replacement of a particular fixture, such as a lighting system or faucet, require a specialized license.

3 Smart Home Upgrade Installation

With this handyman service, a professional comes out to the home and installs any number of smart devices for the home, including doorbells, sensors, and thermostats. It is important to check with the handyman to ensure they are certified to install your specific brand and product, as there are many types, and some may require expert knowledge of home electrical systems or other detailed information.

4 Painting for the Exterior and Interior

Of all types of handyman services that can be requested, painting the interior and exterior of walls must be one of the most common. The painting of a house is a lot of work, particularly if the house is occupied. Many property managers or homeowners use painting services to increase the house’s attractiveness before selling it, often by getting a positive return on investment by selling the house faster or for more money.

General handyman services often take care of house painting requests and often have the perfect tools for the job. Some handyman services also specialize in paint services because they are so popular.

5 Power Washing

The sidewalks, driveways, exterior walls, roofs, garage floors, and other surfaces can be filled with dirt and other debris, causing severe discoloration. Power washing may be used as a basic property maintenance measure to maintain a home’s exterior in a pristine look.

However, not all general handyman services have the right equipment for power washing. A high-grade water compressor can be expensive and requires frequent maintenance, so some professional handyman services may not offer power washing.

6 Tile Installation

General handyman services can frequently do tile installation over a prepared subfloor. While the tile installation work sounds simple—place the adhesive, smooth it, and put a tile on top of it—there is much more to install the tile than that.

For example, handymen who install the tiles have to carefully measure the floor space so that they can cut the tiles to match the edges of the installation site. They also have to place tiles precisely to avoid wrong layouts and wasted space. Finally, non-vitreous tiles will probably need to be sealed to avoid them from absorbing moisture. Floor professionals and handymen service providers experienced with flooring works will likely have the right skills and tools to deal with these problems.

7 Window Repair

Many handyman services can offer window repairs at a nominal fee. This may include helping clean the broken glass and replace or repair the window frame, as well as the window itself.

However, if the windows of the house are of a non-standard size, it may be necessary to reach out to a specialist.

8 Small Appliance Repair

Many homeowners would prefer to fix a broken appliance than replace the whole with a new one. Therefore, a popular type of handyman service is the repair of small appliances. In many cases, the handyman can solve the problem with the appliance for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. At least they can often provide an estimate of whether the cost of repairs would be prohibitive in relation to the cost of replacing.

Find all types of Handyman services.

The truth is that the term “handyman” may cover a wide range of professional services. That is why it is important to check with an individual handyman service to see what they are prepared and qualified to do. The list of handyman services presented above is by no means comprehensive.


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